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Enable SlickVPN via PPTP on OpenELEC

Saturday, 25 April 2015 16:54 Comments 0

This tutorial will guide you through configuring a Point to Point Tunnelling Protocol VPN connection on your OpenELEC system via SlickVPN.

A lot of help/advice was received from this forum topic:

To get OpenVPN running on OpenELEC via a PPTP VPN connection perform the following:

Create a file called "SlickVPN-PPTP.config" in the network share:


Add the contents below to the file:
Don't forget to replace the placeholder names: SERVERNAME, SERVER, USERNAME, PPTP_IPSEC_PASSWORD

You can find your PPTP/IPSec password within your SlickVPN account under "My Account -> Manage Account"

	Type = pptp
	Host = SERVER
	Domain = vpn
	advanced = 1
	PPPD.RequirMPPE128 = 0
	PPPD.RefuseCHAP = 1
	PPPD.RequirMPPE = 1
	PPPD.RefusePAP = 1
	PPPD.RefuseEAP = 1
	PPPD.RequirMPPEStateful = 0

Within your firewall you will now need to ensure that port 443 is forwarded to your OpenELEC IP Address.

Reboot OpenELEC and navigate to "System - OpenELEC - Connections" and you will see your "SlickVPN-PPTP" VPN listed. Click the connection and then click "Connect".

OpenELEC PPTP VPN Connection
Fig 1: OpenELEC PPTP VPN Connection.