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Installing and configuring the Podcast plugin your OpenVix box

Sunday, 17 May 2015 20:48 Comments 0

This tutorial will describe how to add and configure the Podcast plugin to your OpenViX installation.

To install the Podcast plugin click the following:

Menu - Plugins. Then click the "Green" button to download additional plugins. Navigate to "Extensions" and search for a plugin called "Podcast" click this plugin to install it.

Once installed create a file called "podcasts.xml" in the following location:


Replace the obvious placeholder name (OPENVIX_IP_ADDRESS) with your OpenVix IP Address.

The contents of the file should look like this:

    <language name="English">
      <provider name="Stand-up">
        <podcast name="Joe Rogan Vimeo" url="" />
        <podcast name="Joe Rogan Podcast" url="" />
        <podcast name="Joey Diaz" url="" />
        <podcast name="Doug Loves Movies" url="" />
      <provider name="Development">
        <podcast name="RunAs Radio" url="" />
        <podcast name="Hanselminutes" url="" />
        <podcast name="CSS-Tricks" url="" />
        <podcast name="Nettuts+" url="" />
        <podcast name="Channel9" url="" />

From the main screen of your OpenVix installation click the "Blue" button to access your installed plugins. Here you will see the plugin "Podcast", click that and you will see the podcasts listed from the file above. Selecting this plugin will display the podcasts configured in the "podcasts.xml" file above.