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Enabling SSH on your ReadyNAS

Thursday, 02 April 2015 10:17 Comments 0

This tutorial will guide you through enabling SSH on your ReadyNAS and show you how to connect to your ReadyNAS with an application called PuTTy

Please be aware that enabling SSH on your ReadyNAS may result in Netgear no longer providing user support for your system. See the forum topic here in regards to this.

The forum topic is years old any may no longer be relevant now that Netgear allow you to enable SSH from the website admin interface of your ReadyNAS.

In either regard Netgear or myself cannot be held reliable if any damages occur to the unit with commands entered via SSH.

Enabling SSH

To enable SSH on your ReadyNAS login to the main ReadyNAS website interface:

Then navigate to System -> Settings -> Services and click the SSH button until it is green like the image below:

Enable SSH access from the ReadyNAS admin website
Fig 1: SSH enabled on the ReadyNAS.

Connecting with PuTTy

To SSH into your ReadyNAS open the PuTTy application.
Enter the IP Address of your ReadyNAS into the "Host Name (or IP address)" section and ensure SSH is selected as the "Connection type".

PuTTY configuration settings
Fig 2: Configuring PuTTy to connect to the ReadyNAS via SSH.

Once the details have been entered click "Open".
You will be prompted for a username "root" and the password which was set when you originally configured your ReadyNAS.

PuTTY SSH successful connection
Fig 3: PuTTY SSH successful connection.