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Installing DDclient for

Monday, 06 April 2015 09:28 Comments 0

This tutorial will describe how to install DDclient and configure it to work with

Install the DDclient application from the ReadyNAS application interface found at your nas web address:

This may navigate you to your router but alter the IP Address to that of your ReadyNAS.

Once installed a shared directory "ddclient" will appear in your ReadyNAS network shares:

Within this shared directory create the followig file: "ddclient.conf" and to configure the file to work with add the following contents to the file:

Replace the obvious placeholder names (USERNAME, PASSWORD, NOIP_REMOTE_ADDRESS) with the credentials for your account with


Your "ddclient" shared directory should now look like the following:

DDclient config file network share illustration
Fig 1: The "ddclient.config" file displayed on the ReadyNAS network share folder "ddclient".

Before starting the application from the ReadyNAS web interface, SSH into your ReadyNAS and check the ReadyNAS can communicate correctly with This will ensures your "ddclient.conf" file has been configured correctly.

You can debug whether it's working by issuing following command:

	root@beast-nas:~# cd /etc/init.d/
	root@beast-nas:/etc/init.d# ddclient -daemon=0 -debug -verbose -noquiet

Wait for the service to finish reporting (can take up to 2 minutes).
If no errors are reported then your DDclient is working. To stop the service hit "Ctrl" and "c" (without the quotation marks) and start the service from the ReadyNAS Apps web interface.

DDclient Application display on the ReadyNAS
Fig 2: The DDclient application displayed on the ReadyNAS application interface.

If you do receive an error it may be worth looking at the error logs for the DDclient application.
Please note all logs for DDclient are written to the following location:

	root@beast-nas:~# ls -la /var/cache/ddclient/

Thanks to the following ReadyNAS forum topic for guidance with getting DDclient working.

If you are using a different DNS provider such as DynDNS then please bisit the forum topic (above) to see how to configure the "ddclient.conf" file to use .