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Installing VIM

Friday, 03 April 2015 11:04 Comments 0

The ReadyNAS comes with a built in text editor called vi.
I don't really find this application user friendly and prefer to use an alternative application called vim.
To install vim simply run the following commands:

	root@beast-nas:~# apt-get install vim vim-doc vim-scripts

You will be prompted the install will take additional disk space. Just hit "y" (without the quotation marks) and hit the "Enter" key.

This will install "vim" and all the necessary packages.
Once everything is installed, we have to do one more small modification.
Navigate to your home folder by issuing a "cd" command and hitting "Enter":

	root@beast-nas:~# cd

Now issue the following command to see if a file called ".vimrc" exists.

	root@beast-nas:~# ls -la

If the file doesn't exist (it usually doesn't) create one by running the following command:

	root@beast-nas:~# touch .vimrc

We need this file to contain the "syntax on" text therefore run this command:

	root@beast-nas:~# echo "syntax on" >> .vimrc

This command appends the text "syntax on" to the end of the file ".vimrc"