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Useful ReadyNAS/Linux Commands

Sunday, 05 April 2015 18:34 Comments 0

Below are some useful ReadyName/Linux commands that I keep a reference to aid with the configuration of my ReadyNAS server.

System Architecture: uname -a
System Information:
View running services (taskmgr): top
View running processes: ps -Al
View specific processes: ps -Al | grep httpd
View init.d service status: service --status-all
Copy Directory Recursive: cp -avr /source/ /destination/
Copy File: cp /source/ /destination/
Delete Directory Recursive: rm -rf /directory/
Delete file: rm /etc/init.d/couchpotato2
Rename file/directory: mv /home/user/oldname /home/user/newname
Take ownership: chown admin:admin -R /apps/couchpotatosrc/
File Permissions (Read-Only): chmod 0444 /file/
Directory Permissions (Read-Only): chmod 0544 /dir/
View all startup sym links: ls -la /etc/rc?.d/*couchpotatosrc
Add sservice to startup defaults: sudo update-rc.d couchpotato defaults
Remove service from startup defaults: update-rc.d -f couchpotatosrc remove
Search for apps to install: apt-cache search unrar
Remove symbolic link: unlink /dir/
To add a network share to Linux: mount -t cifs //***.***.***.***/SHARE_NAME /mnt -o username=username,password=password
All logs can be found in: /var/log
To view recent system errors: tail /var/log/messages
Ready Nas Specific Commands:
Display ReadyNas Details: rn_nml -g systeminfo
Shares: rn_nml -g shares
Shares Details: rn_nml -g shares-detail
Volumes: rn_nml -g volumes
Volume Details: rn_nml -g volumes-detail