Below are the services offered to expand your web presence and increase your company profitability.

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Android App Development

If you're looking to have your own Android Application developed I can proudly say that I have hundreds of satisfied users currently using many of my bespoke Android applications.

Android is the largest mobile platform on the planet and it's growing on a daily basis. If you want to get to the market quickly then use the contact form to get in touch and we can make your idea a success.

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Windows App Development

With the new version of Windows Phone, Microsoft has increased it's presence in the mobile devices market. Developing a Windows Phone Application will allow your application to work across mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Mobile applications is bigger than ever and growing at a rate no one envisioned. Any new application needs to consider the mobile space and I'm well placed to advise on technical solutions and lead their development and implementation.

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Web Development

Whether you're looking to build a corporate website, eCommerce sales channel or web application to optimize everyday business, with my skills and passion every idea will become a success.

With the advancement in web technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and modern JavaScript libraries developers can create more immersive sites than ever before. Mixing the creative design process to match your branding needs with the development process to put those concepts into a working website is a passion that I genuinely share.

All our websites are designed to work on mobile devices using a design process called responsive design. Try using this site on a mobile device. and with any eCommerce sales channel I can integrate into any payment provider to ensure your store has the best chance of becoming a success.

It’s not merely enough to ensure that your site looks great to people – it has to ‘look’ great to the search engines or you’ll severely limit your audience. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a series of best practices and principles that ensure you do not get penalised by search engines and improve your chances of ranking well with the likes of Google, Bing etc. And remember, anyone who promises to get you to number one on Google and keep you there is feeding you some un-truths! I don’t make that promise, but do promise to provide a semantic, SEO friendly site that adheres to best practice and has the necessary components to ensure the site performs as well as you enable it to.

You can choose to host your site locally or in the Cloud. I have experience in both hosted and cloud solutions and will endeavour to deliver the best possible solution for your company.

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Individual Software Development

Do you have a work process or a specific system that needs to be optimized or expanded? We can work together create a bespoke software solution just for your needs and integrate them in your existing systems.

I've built bespoke systems for various organisations since graduating University. I'm very comfortable using any software language to build various applications that integrate into your existing systems or develop a new bespoke application that integrate into your existing corporate system.